Via Ad Deus – Road to God

Finding our new, old road to God | Bellevue First Congregational Church, Bellevue, WA


Where can I find the course description?

It’s the first blog post, here.

How do I sign up?

Please send an email message to Tyson at

What will I need for the study series?

  • Interest in exploring a Christian spiritual practice with a group of other people who also want to explore a spiritual practice
  • Time each week to complete the readings you selected for that week
  • Time to “practice your practice”
  • Time to craft a thoughtful blog entry each week as a reflection on your week’s reading and experience
  • Time to participate in the weekly seminar at Crossroads or via Skype
  • A computer or tablet with a camera, with Skype installed
  • A Skype account
  • A WordPress account (see next question)

What if I’m interested, but this is more work than I’m able to commit to right now?

Consider following the blog – on the home page, click Follow and you’ll be notified of any updates to the blog. We’d love to have you follow our journey.

What do I need to know about blogging?

It’s easy. Once you have decided to participate in the course, send your e-mail address to the facilitator at The facilitator will then send you an invite to become an author on the Via Ad Deus blog. The blog is hosted on the WordPress blog service. In response to the invitation, you’ll create a WordPress account that then allows you to post blog entries.

What if I’m not comfortable sharing my thoughts on a public blog?

Part of the thinking around this effort is to help us take our spiritual practices out into the world, so by being on a blog, we are intentionally putting it out there! Our readership will come primarily from within the study group, but I do hope to post links from the church web site and from the church’s Facebook page – in doing that, we are intentionally inviting wider participation.

However, the Internet is forever and it’s available to everybody. It makes sense to manage your online identity, even here. When you set up your WordPress account, even if you are comfortable sharing your thoughts on a public blog, I would recommend that you use only your first name as your display name. If your first name is highly unique, you might use a nickname. To do this, follow these steps:

1. In the upper right corner of the WordPress web page, click your account icon, and then click Settings.


2. On the left side of the web page, under Settings, click Public Profile.

Step 2

3. In the Public Display Name box, type your name as you want it to appear publicly on the blog.

Step 3


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