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May/June 2013: Blogging as Spiritual Practice

The initial “Spiritual Practices” seminar is winding down soon, and I’m interested in broadening our Bellevue First Congregational spiritual blogging community. I’d love for it to become an ongoing conversation that includes a few more people!

Blogging as a practice

We’ve talked in the current group about how blogging has become a sort of spiritual practice of it’s own for us – sharing, learning from each other, and using the blog writing and reading time as a time for reflection and learning. If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing (or maybe you even feel called to do it!), send me your e-mail address. That is the first step towards setting you up as a contributor to the blog at


I *am* looking for you to make an initial commitment to the blogging practice and to our community of bloggers 🙂 The minimum is at least two posts over no more than three weeks. If you commit to more than two posts, commit to posting no more than two weeks apart for what ever time frame you commit to. This will help establish it as a practice during the time period you commit to. You can blog using only your first name or using a pseudonym – it’s perfectly OK to do that.

The group of bloggers will meet Monday, May 13th at 7 PM in room 207; I’ll be on vacation, but the other bloggers will meet to discuss their blogging and practices. It’s totally optional. We will probably meet at least once in June.

During May and June, the theme is open as long as you write about topics that speak to your spiritual life, practice, and experience. For example, you can blog about about how music contributes to your spiritual life, about how you are working through a particular spiritual practice or doubt, or about how you see the church in the modern world. You can read the current set of posts to get an idea of what we’ve been blogging about so far.

Please contact me at by May 3rd if you would like to contribute! Hope to hear from you soon – Ty


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