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Bill Gates and Picking Up a Hundred Dollars

One hundred dollar bill, series 1914

One hundred dollar bill, series 1914 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some time ago, I heard an anecdote about Bill Gates.  He was making so much money, that it would be inefficient for him to bend down and pick up a $100 bill.

On the way to my car yesterday, I picked up a dime on the ground, and started thinking about the anecdote.

What I realize now, that I didn’t recognize when I first heard the anecdote, is that it presumes that Bill Gates is all about making money, and more generally, that everyone is all about making money.  It is so easy to fall into this paradigm.

While I don’t dispute the value of traditional economics to our society, it should not be the central organizing principle in ones life. And it is important recognize the it’s limits.  Traditional economics does not reward sustainability, for example.  The person driving an energy inefficient card does not bear the costs of its pollution exclusively.

Jesus provides examples so contrary to a money-centered life.  In retrospect, I think he went out of his way to make his points.

And to Bill Gates credit, I think he would pick up the hundred dollar bill to give it to those in need.


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